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Systems & Design

Wang Technology provides customized solutions on a per project basis. As each project and construction site consists of their own unique adversities, Wang Technology provides flexible and custom solutions that resolve each individual project’s needs.

For each and every project we take into account the overall goal, the activities generated, and the logistics of the environment in order to provide the best combination of monitoring services at the lowest cost for that project. We can provide all of our services as a turnkey project, or any part of them as a consulting or specialist service.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Our Geographical Information Systems are designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data. Our current GIS was developed for a major subway project in order to track and link all geotechnical data gathered by time and location of the source through geo-referencing.

Our System is configured to report the monitoring data on project plan layouts of tunnel alignment, instrument locations and structures and facilities being monitored including data associated with:

  • Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) advancement rates
  • TBM performance (i.e. shove pressures, face pressures, excavated soil weights and volumes, water condition and slurry volumes)
  • Compensation grouting grout volume and pressures carried out on surface
  • Building, Utility, Subway Tunnels, Overpasses and Appurtenant Structures
  • Ground settlement monitoring data
  • Groundwater monitoring data

Data Armory

The Data Armory was initially developed by Wang Technology as a solar powered datalogger that automatically transmitted data from sensors installed in remote outdoor locations. It offers rapid deployment and provides that extra protection needed at most job sites.

Wang Technology now offers their Data Armory for a wide range of remote applications. Contact us today about how our Data Armory can benefit your project and construction needs.

Key Features:

  • Easy field deployment 
  • Built-in high efficiency solar panels
  • 24/7 battery backup
  • Fully arc welded construction
  • Overlapping cover design for superior
    weather resistance
  • Durable baked enamel finsih

Geotechnical Instrumentation Plan

A comprehensive consturction monitoring plan that encompasses the procurement, installation, monitoring and maintenance of geotechnical instrumentation required. These plans outline the following:

  • List of all instrumentation types to be monitored
  • Manufacturer’s product data
  • Resumes of key individuals
  • Site specific installation plans
  • Survey procedures
  • Manufactures’ instruction manuals
  • Calibration records
  • Pre-installation acceptance test record forms
  • Installation record sheets & boring logs
  • Response value action plan
  • Soil & rock samples
  • Proposed instrumentation drawings
  • Fabrication details

Automated Data Acquisition Systems

Wang Technology provides all of our instrumentation services with the option of automating the reporting process.

The process involves connecting the site sensors with various data loggers. These data loggers pre-evaluate the monitoring data through an internal review process and produce an alert level alarm indication and notification (if necessary).

The data is then transferred from the data loggers to a database located in our New Jersey office.


This database coupled with the Argus Monitoring Software, allows the client to access the data at any time, any place and on any platform.

Design Build

Our extensive experience gives us a keen insight in designing the most cost-effective and comprehensive instrumentation plans for any construction project.

We will outline the quantities, locations and types of instruments needed to effectively cover any specifications without sacrificing quality or safety.

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