Wang Technology celebrates 25 years of providing Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation to the American infrastructure.  From their humble beginnings of Wang Engineering to orchestrating comprehensive monitoring systems nationwide, Wang Technology continues to pave the way for the construction monitoring industry.

Wang Technology has made their presence known by being a part of some of the most highly recognized and intricate construction projects of the past decade.  They have provided monitoring services to projects like the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in Midtown Manhattan, the East Side Access project in Queens, New York, and the Central Subway project in San Francisco, California.

Through their efforts, Wang Technology has solidified the safety to the project as well as surrounding areas. Thusly, allowing for a faster and safer construction experience for not just our clients but also for those that the new project will serve. Everyone at Wang Technology looks forward to providing the same exceptional service for another 25 years and more.